Riemhotel Munich: Complex, complete from A to Z

Project: Hotel complex next to the Munich expo fairground

Contractor (and Architects): Baresel GmbH, Munich branch

MEVA Systems: wall formwork Mammut, hand-set formwork EcoAs, circular formwork Arcus, column formwork CaroFalt, circular column formwork Circo, slab formwork MevaFlex, shoring System MEP, working platform KAB 190

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Formwork Systems, Munich Branch



Complex, complete from A to Z

Concrete works on hotel complex completed in 9 months with 8 MEVA Systems

A new luxury and a standard hotel with 330 and 205 rooms are being built next to the main entrance of Munich’s expo facilities. Both hotels are located in one complex to be opened for business in the autumn of 2013. Scheduling was tight, leaving only 9 months for building works on the 8-storey complex with a layout of 132 x 59 m. This required careful planning with foresight.

Floating ceiling for conference room
The conference room on the ground floor measures 29.50 x 14.80 m and has a floating ceiling at 5.70 m height.
MEP shoring towers with single props connected with bracing frames were perfect for the job. MEP 450 and 300 props were connected to square tower units, 110 cm wide. Walls extended through two levels are designed to carry the slab and the MEP shoring tower was employed to take up these loads also. Formwork could be stripped as soon as the slab above the second level reached the 28 day setting time. For static reasons, bracing through to the foundation slab was required.

Different wall heights
The basement floors are 2.80 m and 3.70 m high, the ground floor 5.70 m and the upper levels 2.85 m. Mammut wall formwork with its 97 kN/ m² load capacity was used to pour the walls, allowing rapid pours and saving time in the tight work schedule.

Round walls and columns
The popular circular formwork system Arcus achieved a superior finish on the rounded walls of the parking garage access ramp. Only two sets of the foldable mobile column formwork CaroFalt with basic heights of 360 and 270 cm plus a 120 cm extension were needed to complete all columns at a rate of one per day. The circular columns were formed with the steel column formwork Circo that provides a continuous first class concrete finish on columns with diameters between 30 and 70 cm.

Slabs and beams
Beams measuring up to 2.60 m in width and 1.10 m in thickness were poured before the slabs. This was done with 125 cm Mammut panels set horizontally. In inaccessible areas where all tasks had to be done by hand, the light-weight hand formwork EcoAs took over. Because of the beams, all slabs above the basement and ground floors, 30 to 45 cm thick, were poured using the conventional MevaFlex wooden girder method.

Safety and time-saving solution achieved with special designs
From the first floor upwards, the slabs float on concrete edge beams. A custom-made solution provided the answer: slab edge tables measuring 3.90 x 3.70 m and made of MEP shoring towers. The tables acted as a support grid and were assembled without facing. They were equipped with a working platform on the front and a safety railing that provided optimum worker protection. The tables were lifted as a complete unit using a transport spreader from one level to the next, saving assembly time. On building sections with outer walls, the folded working plattform KAB 190 provided a safe working situation. Where necessary, the Mammut wall panels were placed on the 190 cm wide platform. Cantilevering parts interrupt the facade on the southern and northern side. In order to ensure worker safety, a shoring tower with prop frames was used.

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