Apartment building, Neumarkt, Germany

Principal: Donhauser GmbH

Contractor: Baugeschäft Lukas GmbH

MEVA systems: AluStar wall formwork, StarTec wall formwork

Engineering and support: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme GmbH, Munich office, Germany



MEVA Original Used Formwork

Inspected and regenerated formwork for excellent concrete finishes

When MEVA rigorously inspects, cleans and reconditions selected, used formwork, the results become part of the MEVA Original Used Formwork brand. The used formwork panels are inspected and treated individually according to the official quality criteria specified in DIN EN ISO 9001 and the guidelines issued by the GSV (the quality protection association for concrete formwork in Europe).

“We provide a double warranty on MEVA Original Used Formwork for full functionality and the alkus all-plastic facing,” says Stefan Traber, Region Director Middle East and Asia Pacific. “We are able to do this because as the manufacturer, we have absolute faith in our products and after all, we built them in the first place. Simply the Original!”

Tried-and-tested quality
Having proven their worth in a great many applications, MEVA formwork systems naturally start to show signs of wear. That is why used formwork is first of all precisely inspected and then reconditioned if necessary. The robust frame is cleaned of concrete residue and other contamination using a 1,000-bar high-pressure cleaner. Thanks to the closed frame profile, no concrete can adhere on the inside, making subsequent cleaning on the construction site a lot easier. At the same time, the frame profile ensures that MEVA formwork systems have a high level of stability and torsional stiffness.

Economy class: inspected exworks
In the economy class every single panel is industrially cleaned. After a final inspection in accordance with the MEVA quality criteria, the formwork already meets the standards specified by the GSV and in DIN EN ISO 9001. With its double warranty, MEVA also guarantees the full functionality of the frame as well as key characteristics of the alkus all-plastic facing. This includes the facing being UV-resistant and rigid, not staining the concrete, not rotting, and not rippling.

Premium class: reconditioned
In the premium class the same double warranty is valid for a period of five years. After cleaning analogous to the economy class, the frame is also shotblasted to remove all residual coatings and dirt. The aluminium frame is then coated with a white and the steel frame with a red plastic powder coating.

Completely reconditioned facing

Before it is installed, the MEVA formwork experts completely recondition the alkus all-plastic facing. First of all the facing is cleaned using a rotation cleaner. Scratches, nailing holes and other damage are then removed and permanently repaired. The repair using the same material allows results to be achieved that would be unthinkable with wooden facings and only possible to a limited extent with other plastic facings: The alkus all-plastic facing retains its technical characteristics, is smooth and is stable over the entire surface. Hence, the facing once again consistently achieves high-quality concrete finishes and can be easily cleaned on the construction site using a highpressure cleaner.

Numerous construction projects
MEVA’s used formwork delivers excellent concrete finishes for many years. This has been confirmed by numerous construction projects on a daily basis. One of these is located in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria in Germany. A new residential housing is being built here by Baugeschäft Lukas GmbH using formwork systems from MEVA. Two separate buildings with several residential units, two cellars and an underground garage offer sufficient space for up to 14 families.

Meeting at bauma
A year earlier the construction company bought the formwork systems utilised, AluStar and StarTec, from MEVA as used formwork. “We already became aware of the flexible fields of applications offered by these systems while visiting the MEVA booth at the bauma in 2016,” reports Siegfried Lukas, managing director at Baugeschäft Lukas GmbH. “We then bought the formwork in 2017 and have been using it non-stop in our building projects ever since.”

Flexible in use
The latest construction project consists of a residential development project made up of two individual buildings with separate cellars and a total of 14 residential units. Harald Lukas explained that the cellars were formed using AluStar and StarTec “because the height of 2.70 m was a perfect match.” The large-area StarTec panels with a width of 1.35 m enabled rapid construction progress to be made. Smaller AluStar panels are used, especially in the corner areas. “This makes us more flexible, as we do not require a crane to move the lightweight aluminium panels.”

Positive conclusion
And the conclusion after two years using MEVA Original Used Formwork? “Absolutely no complaints,” Siegfried Lukas is happy to say. “Right from the start everything went without a hitch.” The quality of the used MEVA formwork is, as promised, excellent,” adds Harald Lukas.

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