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Europe's tallest Tower: Mirax "Federation" Tower in Moscow

Project: Mirax Tower Federazija

Contractor (and Architects): ANTYAPI, Istanbul/Türkei

MEVA Systems: Mammut wall formwork, all-plastic facing alkus

Formwork Engineering:  MosMEVA, Moscow/Russia



Mirax Tower „Federazija“ in Moscow/Russia

Mammut is heading for a new height record

At the beginning of 2005, after a long planning phase, construction of a prominent building in Russia started. Right in the centre of "Moscow City" – an emerging residential and business quarter just about four kilometres from the Kremlin – the Mirax "Federation" Tower will become a dominant sight. The tall twin towers were designed by a German-Russian team of planners. After completion in 2007, the complex will not only house offices and luxury apartments with a total floor space of more than 400,000 square meters, but it will also be the tallest building in Europe. It is built with MEVA formwork systems.

In the past already, MEVA formwork systems convinced on outstanding construction projects with high quality and performance. A highlight, certainly, was the rebuilding of the "Saviour's Cathedral" in Moscow several years ago. The Turkish construction company ANT YAPI decided to use MEVA formwork systems on this half billion dollar complex. Based on triangular footprints the two glass-clad towers will face each other – one 342 m tall, the other 240 m. Both towers are´attached to a stiletto-like core spire (for lift and stair shafts) which will soar to 440 m into the Moscow sky. The cores of the 57-storey tower „B“ are formed with standard Mammut wall formwork. The plastic-faced (alkus) Mammut panels are applied on a customer-owned self-climbing construction. The decisive arguments in favour of the Mammut system were its high load capacity, rigidity, quality, positive experiences on earlier projects and its economic efficiency. In addition, the advantages of the alkus plastic facing had a positive effect on the decision. Whereas plywood facings would require numerous replacements because of the high number of reuses, the Mammut panels can be applied throughout the complete construction time and even far beyond without the need to ever change the plastic facing. Also, the alkus-facing is totally resistant against the expected, dramatic changes of weather. At present, one storey is completed every three days. We will keep you updated about the construction process in the future editions of FormworkPress.


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